Men's Cricket

It is a cliché to say that MPCC has a team for every age and every calibre of cricketer. However, the cliché is very true in this case. We try hard to look after our players well and provide them with an enjoyable environment to play their cricket.

The top two men’s teams are based in the Premiership and Div. 2, and play a good standard of cricket in highly competitive leagues playing a range of formats (T20, 1-Day & 2-Day). Other teams exist through the grades to ensure that our cricketers play at a level that matches their ability while providing a competitive environment.

Christchurch Metro cricket affords you the opportunity to play in some of the most pleasant cricket grounds in Christchurch. None are more pleasant than our own home ground of Edgar MacIntosh Park. Our no. 1 block was relaid in the 2021/22 season and is an outstanding surface for cricket.

In the 2022/23 season, MPCC fielded six teams in the Chch Metro men's competitions with a range in age and ability from Championship to Division 7. MPCC also fields a President's Grade team catering to the over-35s. Our top team won promotion to the Premier grade for the 2023/24 season.

Teams for 2022/23 will be strictly determined based upon confirmed registrations so if you are interested, and want to be in a team, make sure you register ASAP online or come along to the clubs Opening Day.

Men's Players Contact: Jacob Wilson...

Women's Cricket

Merivale-Papanui Cricket Club (MPCC) was one of the founders, with Burnside West Canterbury University Cricket Club (BWCUCC) of North-West Women's Cricket (NWW), which provides a consistent home for women's cricket from the Premier Women's Grade to Year 5/6 girls. At earlier age groups, girls play in the MPCC Junior teams. We continue to support our girls progression into the NWW ranks.

Please contact the club if you have any specific enquiries about girls' and women’s cricket: