The Sporting Edge MPCC Committee for the 2021/2022 season is listed as below.

Please talk to any one of these people if you have questions or suggestions about the club.

Patrons: Chris & Ray Pitcher

President: Ross Patterson

Vice President: Glen Bellam

Secretary: David Monger

Assistant Secretary: Ranjith Rangarajan

Treasurer: John Costello

Assistant Treasurer: Jonathan Collins

Club Captain: James Duncan

Assistant Club Captain: Ben Gill

Auditor: Vanessa Thomas

Management Committee: Rory Hawes, Chris McBride

Senior Selectors: Matt Ling, Ben Gill, Ross Patterson

Junior Coordinator: Lynette Ellis (ex officio)

Groundsman: Craig Dacombe

Gear Manager: Glen Bellam

Umpire Liaison: John Costello

North-West Youth Liaison: Ross Patterson

Women's Cricket Coordinator: Ross Hastings (ex officio)

Bar Manager: Glen Bellam

Kitchen/Catering: Juls Hansen

Cleaning: Glen Bellam, Juls Hansen

Sub-committee responsibilities:

Finance: John Costello, Jonathan Collins

Fundraising: David Monger, Paul Thomas (ex officio)

Sponsorship: Ross Patterson, Glen Bellam, Ranjith Rangarajan

Teams: James Duncan, Ben Gill

Bar: Glen Bellam, David Monger

Gear: Glen Bellam, Chris McBride, Ranjith Rangarajan

Buildings: Glen Bellam, James Duncan, Ben Gill

Grounds: John Costello, Craig Dacombe

Practices: Ben Gill

Juniors: Rory Hawes, Lynette Ellis (ex officio)

Youth Cricket: Ross Patterson, Jonathan Collins

Publicity: Ross Patterson

Social: Chris McBride, Glen Bellam, Jonathan Collins, Rory Hawes

Sunday Cricket: Chris McBride, Glen Bellam, Jonathan Collins, Rory Hawes

Emergency: Ross Patterson, Glen Bellam, David Monger, John Costello, James Duncan

Disciplinary: Ross Patterson, Glen Bellam, David Monger, James Duncan, Ben Gill