MPCC Junior Cricket


Our goal is to provide team environments and player experiences which are conducive for young men and women to grow in their understanding, playing ability and love for the game of cricket. Players of all abilities and cricketing backgrounds are welcome to register. Junior cricketers here just need to be keen and willing to listen, learn and participate in a positive way. We warmly welcome back last season’s players and are excited to meet players new to our club.

Subscriptions, Registrations and Season Dates

Subscription Details for the 2023/24 season are as below ...

  • School Year 0 - 1 (Wednesday Night Smash Play) : $30

  • School Year 1 - 4 (Inter-Club) : $70

  • School Year 5 - 7 (Inter-Club soft or hard ball) : $90 

  • School Year 8 : $45 as this is a half season

  • 2nd Child or more = $30 discount for each additional child (Excludes "Smash Play" Players)

  • There is a $50 discount per team which will be refunded to parents who fulfill the coaching role for a team (Excludes "Smash Play" Players)

Register online now for Season 2023/24 using the below link. This year registrations are through the PlayHQ site. Registration for returning players should be quick as last year's player details are retained. If you have any issues please let Lynette know either by email (at

We will be having a Junior fun evening on Wednesday 20th September at the MPCC Clubrooms, Edgar MacIntosh Park, Condell Ave as detailed below, with inflatables and other fun activities. We can also help with registration there if any help is needed.

  • Wednesday 20th September, 4.30-6.00pm

When paying subs by Internet Banking the clubs bank account details are:

  • Westpac 03 0866 0269318 000
  • Merivale Papanui Cricket Club Inc
  • When making a transfer please state childs full name and 'Juniors' as a reference.

Canterbury Junior Cricket Start date Saturday 14 October 2023...

The calendar for the 2023/24 CJCA season will be available soon. This includes major events and start/finish times for Saturday Cricket.

For the most up to date Calendar of events please see the link below – this Calendar will be regularly updated.

Please visit and Like our Facebook Page in order to stay updated with all the latest information ...

About Our Teams

We have a range of teams to cater from children who have never played cricket through to those in Year 8 at school. Have-a-Go is run independently at our own club. All other grades are run as part of the Canterbury Junior Cricket Association competition. We currently have teams which cover all year groups.

  • Smash Play (Year 0 & 1): Currently run on Wednesday evening this is primarily for children who have not played cricket and in these sessions participants are introduced to the basic skills of fielding, batting and bowling using a range of fun activities.
  • Kiwi (Year 1 & 2): Saturday morning cricket played on a short pitch using plastic equipment and a plastic ball. Players bat in pairs and everyone bowls 2 overs. If a player is out (caught, bowled or runout) they keep batting but the fielding teams gets bonus runs. If a no ball or wide is bowled the batter gets to score runs by hitting a ball off a tee.
  • 16:16 (Year 3 & 4 primarily): Saturday morning cricket played on a short pitch using wooden equipment and a light rubber ball. Players bat in pairs (facing the same number of balls) and everyone bowls a minimum of 2 overs. If a player is out (caught, bowled or runout) they keep batting but the fielding teams gets bonus runs. If a no ball or wide is bowled the batter gets to score runs by hitting a ball off a tee.
  • Year 5 Hard Ball (option of Year 5 Soft Ball too): Saturday morning cricket played on an intermediate length pitch using full cricket gear including pads and helmets (compulsory). Batsmen are replaced when they have faced 18 balls and can only return once all other batsmen previously out have had two returns to face their 18 balls. A retired batter may face up to 10 extra balls before they retire again. A leather ball is used. The soft ball grade uses a rubber ball which is the same weight but softer than a leather ball.
  • Year 6, 7 & 8: These grades follow a graduated progression to fully traditional cricket (longer innings, more batting before a player retires, no free hits off cones etc).

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where are the games played? Smash Play is run at our club home ground on Condell Avenue. Kiwi and 16:16 are played on grass at our home ground or at other grounds around the city however where possible the draw is zoned so that teams don’t have to travel too far from home. From Year 5 games are played on artificial pitches so are often at local schools.
  • What about practices? Teams practice once a week with the time and day depending on the coach.
  • Do both boys and girls play? Of course! When they are younger, girls generally play in mixed teams. As they get older, we will field girl-only teams if possible. We will work in partnership with other local clubs in order to ensure there is always an appropriate level of cricket available for all girls.
  • What gear do I need? Through the registration process, you will obtain a playing shirt. Aside from this, you will need to provide white shorts or trousers. Playing equipment is provided by the club however many players like to buy and use their own bats and protective equipment.
  • Which sort of cricket should I play? This depends on age, experience and confidence. We are happy to guide you if you are unsure.
  • How are the teams picked? Generally the younger teams are by player choice and keeping previous season’s team mates, school mates and friends together where possible. New players are integrated into teams of similar age and experience. As players get older, teams are sometimes selected more on the basis of ability and school year groups.
  • What sort of coaching will I get? Apart from parental involvement, we will also utilise professional coaches through third parties in the local cricket scene where appropriate during the summer.

We Are Here to Help

  • If you have any questions then please email: ​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​and one of our team will be very happy to help.